Getting started

Logging in

In order to be able to use the system as a Member or Instructor you require an account, which can only be provided by PASMA.

To log in, use the email address you supplied and the password we sent you.

If you forgot your password, click “reset password”. An email will then be sent to you. Follow the instructions and link in the email to reset your password.

Terms and Conditions

If you use the Online Registration System for the first time you will be asked to read and agree to Terms and Conditions. This is a legal requirement. As part of the General Data Protection Regulation 2016, parties using systems that store personal data are obliged to have a contract agreeing who controls and who processes the data and how must be done under the regulation.

You only need to agree to these Terms and Conditions once to unlock the system, unless we need to make a change to them, in which case you will be asked to agree to the amended terms.

Dashboard and main menu

When you have successfully logged in you will see a Dashboard with various bits of information and on the left the main menu. The Dashboard is further explained here. The main menu contains for the following options:

  • Dashboard – the page you arrive at when you log in
  • Contact us – This will allow you to contact us if you have questions or problems
  • Announcements – to view previous announcements
  • Manage Admins – to add additional members of your staff to be able to work on the Online Registration System
  • Audits – to see past and future audits and deal with outstanding corrective actions
  • Instructors – to manage your instructors and add or approve new Instructor Association Agreements
  • Centres – to manage all your training locations
  • Delegates – to search and find information about all Delegates that are associated with you
  • Bookings – to manage your course bookings, add delegates on these courses and process them when they have completed them
  • Downloads – where you can download all relevant documentation
  • Transaction log – to look at all the transactions we have processed for you in the previous month
  • Reports – to produce a CSV of all transactions we have processed for you in a specific period for the purpose

Help and reporting a problem

Every page in the Online Registration System has two buttons at the top right of that page.

  • Help – if you are not sure how to do something, click here first.
  • Report a problem – if you have done what it says on these help pages, and still does not work, click this to report a problem with the page.

Need some help?

If you get stuck with our new Online Registration System, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can do this directly from the system itself. Just follow the instructions explained on this page: “Contacting us“.

Alternatively, if you can’t somehow log into the system or you have problems with this website or suggestions of any kind, please feel free to use the Enquiry Form on this site.