Bookings Overview

Bookings represent the dates on which courses take place. If you are planning to run a course you must add it to the Online Registration System as soon as you can. Once a booking is added to the system you can then add delegates.

In the Bookings section of the system you can search, add, amend and remove bookings.

Further help

Enrolling Delegates onto Online Courses

Some of our courses may have an online learning element to them. If so you can enrol delegates on those courses directly via Bookings on the Online Registration System. Please check the short video below how to do this.

Need some help?

If you get stuck with our new Online Registration System, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can do this directly from the system itself. Just follow the instructions explained on this page: “Contacting us“.

Alternatively, if you can’t somehow log into the system or you have problems with this website or suggestions of any kind, please feel free to use the Enquiry Form on this site.