Processing a booking

Once all delegates on a booking have been updated with their results, and delegates that were pre-registered but did not take part in the course removed, you must process the booking.

Only when you process the booking will we produce the cards and certificates for that booking. This means that from now on all cards and certificates of a single booking will be sent to you in the same dispatch*.

*You can add delegates to a booking even if you have already processed it (click here for details), in which case you must process the booking again. The cards and certificates so processed may be sent in a different dispatch.

The video below shows how to process bookings.

Need some help?

If you get stuck with our new Online Registration System, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can do this directly from the system itself. Just follow the instructions explained on this page: “Contacting us“.

Alternatively, if you can’t somehow log into the system or you have problems with this website or suggestions of any kind, please feel free to use the Enquiry Form on this site.