Centres Overview

Centres are the locations where training takes place. Adding a centre may result in a registration fee for that centre.

You can have the following types of centres:

  • Main Centre – you must have at least one of those and the first one was added by us as part of your membership application. You can add an additional Main Centre which requires a registration fee.
  • Satellite Centre – you can have as many satellite centres as you require, but each will require payment of a registration fee.
  • Peripatetic Centre – Only available to peripatetic training members (training members with no fixed Main Centre).
  • Other locations – You may deliver training in any other suitable location for up to 5 times, after which you must register it as a Satellite Centre (the system will do this automatically), even if the location is already an approved centre of another member.

Further help

Need some help?

If you get stuck with our new Online Registration System, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can do this directly from the system itself. Just follow the instructions explained on this page: “Contacting us“.

Alternatively, if you can’t somehow log into the system or you have problems with this website or suggestions of any kind, please feel free to use the Enquiry Form on this site.